What is the meaning of life? Better still, I wondered what is the meaning of my own life? What is the path I should be walking? What am I supposed to learn / do / be? All these questions have become terribly insistent in recent months. I know I am not alone in these questions, nor in the spiritual search to find the answers.

Many people find their best path early in life, but I am not one of those. Having reached age 65 without having any clear vision of “what to be when I grow up”, I have drifted. I have done many things I enjoy immensely. Design, drawing, cooking, crochet – all these have been a part of my life, yet they have been done for my own or my family’s pleasure. Creating lovely things for family or friends is wonderful and fulfilling, but suddenly I found it was not enough.

This blog will not suit everyone, nor remotely suit everyone’s beliefs. I do not mean to step on anyone’s toes, spiritually speaking. I do not have issues with anyone else’s beliefs. I do not belong to any organized religion, and I do not have issues with anyone who sincerely believes. Everyone has a right to think and believe as they must. I only hope to be able to touch some few lives along the way, to help someone out in a difficult point in their life. There are some authors that no matter how good, just do not quite “connect”. Or maybe it is just a case of the right author but the wrong time. It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. If I can be the teacher at that right moment in someone’s life, I am grateful.

I learned to meditate long ago, but had lapsed in that practice for many years. I started once again in late May of this year (2015), with some most profound results. This blog will be a chronicle of the path I am on; what I find is working for me. If it resonates with someone, if someone of my readers is living something similar and finds help in something I have done, then I am grateful.

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